katyDolesh250Katy was born and raised in Minnesota. She started her accounting career at the age of five at her family’s small meat market helping as a cashier. While growing up in Minnesota her family made it a priority to escape the humidity and mosquitos of the Midwest and travel to Glacier National Park in northwest Montana. After finishing her undergraduate degree from Wheaton College in Wheaton Illinois with a double major in Business/Economics and Biblical Studies, she moved to Montana to get closer to Glacier Park and the mountains. The closest she could get was Bozeman where she advanced her experience as a meat market cashier and received her Master’s in Accounting from Montana State. She is licensed as a CPA and has been in Bozeman for over fifteen years working in public and private accounting. She is married and has two children. When work and school are not on the calendar, they hike and explore the mountains of Bozeman and Glacier as often as they can. After April 15th, she is usually outside, unless she is making cookies.


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